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Monday, June 26, 2006

How Did I End Up Here?

Stellar moments in a single girls week:

- Realizing that your two most solid social companions are two different ex-boyfriends. One is the concert ex-boyfriend, the other is the movie-boyfriend.

- Acknowledging that you would much rather attend one of these functions with someone who dumped you than with someone who might not appreciate them in the way that you would want them to (or as much as one of the respective ex-es). Eg.: With someone who might try to talk to you during the movie (which you hate) or want to leave early from the concert (which you also hate).

- Drinking too much and shamelessly flirting with tall longtime associate. The next day receiving an email from tall longtime associate that says, "My friend *blank*" (whom you barely remember meeting) "thought you were cool and would love to take you to dinner".

- Knowing that friend *blank* is totally not your type and apparently tall longtime associate is that thoroughly uninterested.

- Receiving an email with the most non-committal proposition EVER from writer boy, giving himself so many loopholes out of it: "...I'm gonna be in DC sometime this summer...maybe...if you're there and we're both still single we should hang out..."

And they say romance is dead.


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